The world Cup 2018 qualifiers debuted on the 15th of March and ended on the 14th of November with a lot of surprises for all football fans.

A total of 871 matches were played by 209 teams from all over the world. 53 teams participated from Africa and 5 of them qualified (Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal and Tunisia), 54 teams participated from Europe and 14 of them qualified (Belgium, France, Portugal, Sweden, Croatia, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Denmark, Iceland, Serbia, England, Poland and Spain), 46 teams participated from Asia and 5 of them qualified ( Australia, Iran, Japan, Korea Republic and KSA), 35 teams participated from North Central America and 3 qualified ( Costa Rica, Mexico and Panama), 11 teams participated from Oceania and none of them qualified and finally, 10 teams participated from South America and 5 of them qualified ( Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Columbia and Peru). But what shocked football fans the most was Italy’s failure to qualify, which were the only previous world champions to fail to make it through. Other teams that also surprisingly didn’t make the cut are the Netherlands, Chili, Cameroon, and Ghana. More than 1.5 million FIFA World Cup 2018 tickets have been requested already as everyone is looking forward to this highly anticipated event.

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