Disabled children learn life skills through football

  • 26 Non-Governmental Organisations from Russia and Europe gathered in Moscow for workshop organised by FIFA and adidas
  • Organisations part of FIFA’s Football for Hope initiative exchanged experiences and best practices
  • Effective training sessions can bring out positive social changes in lives of disabled children

It is well known that playing football brings enjoyment and improvements to one’s health, but children who play this sport loved by millions are able to learn key life skills as well. It is particularly important to ensure that disabled children can also benefit from these qualities that football can bring, such as communication, team work, adapting to new circumstances, independent decision-making and many others.

To address this, many Non-Governmental Organisations around the world are using football training sessions to change the lives of children for the better. However, it is clear that disabled children require a special approach and coaches are faced with the question of whether to use the same methodologies developed for players at football academies.

Programme managers of NGOs in this field have gathered in Moscow for a Football for Hope adidas Exchange Programme workshop, in order to better understand the requirements of disabled children and improve the training process. This programme is the result of FIFA’s efforts with its partner adidas to provide training to NGOs worldwide since 2009. It allows organisations working with disabled children to exchange experiences and tips necessary for effective work.

“Football is a very strong tool to help young people improve their lives in many ways”, explains Irina Schlossarek-Dhowtalut, FIFA Football for Hope Programme Manager. “Thus, we are very glad to have been able to organise this workshop in Moscow together with our FIFA Partner adidas and our host organisation Downside Up. It allowed representatives from 26 Football for Hope eligible organisations in Russia and Europe to exchange on how to best deliver football-based programmes for differently abled children.”

Effective training for disabled children
As part of the three-day workshop, the organisations learned about each other’s approaches and the best practices of teaching football to disabled children, as well as being able to try out these lessons for real. Training sessions were held between the workshop participants and children with Down’s syndrome, for whom it is especially important to carefully explain the exercises and give visual examples.

The charity Downside Up has been the recipient of FIFA’s support and recently intensified their efforts to get children with Down’s syndrome in Russia involved in football.

“At first, a lot of parents were skeptical, so strong is the myth that children with Down syndrome cannot engage in team sports,” says Irina Menshenina, Development Director of the charity Downside Up. Now, though, no one doubts that this is possible, and many even call us to ask about football. For us, this workshop is especially important, as we’ll have the chance to draw on the experience of our foreign colleagues on how best to train the children.”

The parents have confirmed that playing football has helped their children develop new skills.

“Football has influenced all aspects of our life,” says Mila Kirillova, the mother of ten-year-old Nika, who has been playing football for a year and a half. Football is a team game, where you need more than just physical skills. Children learn to listen, to execute their coach’s instructions and to interact with each other. With Nika, it’s brought about a lot of positive changes, both in terms of communication – she now speaks more with other children – and self-reliance, because she has to constantly make decisions on the pitch.”

There are hundreds of community organisations around the global that are active in delivering social projects through football across the globe. In 2017 and through its Football for Hope initiative, FIFA is continuing its support of such community projects in all regions of the world. Thanks to the adidas Exchange Programme, community organisations are able to swap ideas and bring about positive social changes in the lives of disabled children.

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  • نجح نادي سيلتا فيغو الإسباني بتحقيق الكأس الذهبية لبطولة دبي للقارات في نسختها الثالثة وذلك بعد فوزه في المبارة النهائية على نادي يوفنتوس الإيطالي وذلك يوم السبت الماضي٬ كما استطاع نادي الأهلي المصري الظفر بالكأس الفضيه للبطولة بعد انتصاره على نادي ليفنتي أزورو الايطالي.

    20 فريقا من 10 دول مختلفه شاركت في النسخة الثالثة من البطولة حيث نالت الإمارات حصة الأسد بمشاركه 5 أنديه أضافه إلى الأكاديميه الإسبانية لكره القدم في دبي. البطولة شهدت مشاركه فرق عالميه يتصدرها ريال مدريد، برشلونة من اسبانيا وتشلسي الإنكليزي.

    وفي ختام البطولة تسلمت الفرق الفائزة الجوائز من أمين عام مجلس دبي للرياضة صاحب المعالي سعيد حارب يشاركه رئيس مجلس ادارة مدينة دبي الرياضية الأستاذ خالد الزرعوني.

    وقد صرح الأستاذ علي عمر مدير ادارة التطوير الرياضي في مجلس دبي للرياضة “أن كأس دبي للقارات تحت 13 عام تمثل محطة مهمة من استراتيجية مجلس دبي للرياضه للتطوير المواهب الامارتية الشابة، حيث تمثل البطولة فرصة مهمة للاحتكاك مع افضل نوادي كرة القدم العالميه.”

    كما اضاف “لقد شهدت النسخة الثالثة مشاركة 5 فرق امارتية: النصر والشباب والاهلي دبي والعين والوحده مما يؤكد على اهتمام النوادي الامارتية بقطاع الفئات العمرية مما ينعكس على تطوير المنتخبات الوطنية”.

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  • Bigfooti Terminates its collaboration with Michel Salgado

  • Bigfooti announces the termination of its collaboration with Michel Salgado. It has been a great experience to work on Dubai U13 Intercontinental Cup, and we wish best of luck and success for Dubai U13 Intercontinental Cup for years to come.

  • Celta Vigo won Dubai U13 Intercontinental Cup Al Ahly from Egypt won the Silver Cup

  • Celta de Vigo, winners of the first edition, won the 3rd edition of Dubai U13 Intercontinental Cup for a second time on Saturday night, defeating Juventus 1-0 in the final. while Al Ahly of Egypt edged Italy’s Levante Azzuro on penalties in the Silver Cup final following a 1-1 draw.

    20 teams from 10 different countries participated in the tournament including 5 football clubs from United Arab of Emirates and Spanish Soccer Academy in Dubai. The tournament also witnessed the participation of heavyweight European teams such as FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, and FC Chelsea.

    The winners received the trophy from HE. Saeed Hareb, Secretary General of Dubai Sports Council (DSC), in presence of Khalid Al Zarooni, Chairman of Dubai Sports City.

    Ali Omar, Director of the Sports Development Department in Dubai Sports Council, said to present Media: “This is a unique football tournament and in line with the strategic plan of Dubai Sports Council, aiming to give our young Emirati players a chance to compete against top talents from around the world. “This year we saw five local UAE teams –Al Nasr, Al Wasl and Shabab Al Ahli Dubai, Al Wahda and Al Ain – participate in the tournament and I am sure all of them will take a lot of positives from their participation over the past three days.

    “I am sure many of the players we saw in action here will go on to represent their clubs and their countries and win many titles with them.”

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