While the league title is seemingly beyond reach for Los Blancos, they still can lift the Champions league trophy for a 3rd consecutive time as they managed to take a 3-1 lead to Paris in a game that showed mere moments of Real Madrid brilliance.

Judging by Cristiano flail of a form this season which happens to coincide with Real Madrid’s unfortunate overall struggle, the Parisian side were thought to have a clear shot at taking home the championship. With Neymar’s signing and the team’s eagerness to make it through, it was possible that finally PSG could in fact get through to the quarter finals but they once again prove that they lack a big-game mentality whereas Real Madrid have expertise when it comes this trophy in particular.

Even though the Madrid side performed poorly in comparison, Neymar luckily avoided a second booking for diving and the Parisian defense line displayed panic anytime they were put under pressure. The frantic defense was a clear way to Real Madrids Victory in the Bernabeu and a cause for frustration to PSG, as they were the better team. They had better chances.

But that didn’t matter, because it all came down to the same apparent laws of physics that govern the CL, especially when it came to these sides… In this Arena, Los Merengues conquer and PSG display exactly why they cannot win the title as they are limited in Champions League skill.

PSG need only two goals at home to make it through but need much more change.

They need the confidence of Madrid and Ronaldo and that unfortunately can only be earned by the experience of the reigning champions… It cannot be bought.

The second of two-legs between PSG and Madrid is set to take place on the 6th of March, we’ll have to wait and see.

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